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About Saad Zia

At his core, Saad is an artist. Starting out as a hobbyist shooter with his tiny point and shoot camera, he fell in love with the creative process of encapsulating a moment. Although he went on to become a Chartered Accountant and work at one of the big four accountancy firms in the world, pwc, his passion did not diminish. He used it as an opportunity to photograph different people from different spheres of life; starting with his peers he expanded to his friends and then to the friends-of-his-friends. Saad only knew to take pictures to bring joy to his dull accountant life. But before he knew it, he realised that photography is his true passion and so, in the March of 2013, he switch to professional camera gear and opened a studio—since then he has never looked back and has enjoyed every cycle of his camera shutter. 


In a relatively short time of 5 years, Saad has had the pleasure of shooting 500+ weddings but it was not without burning the candle at both ends—thousands of photo/video editing hours, hundreds of photography training sessions and tens of creativity courses helped him in getting where he stands today. 


With probably one of the biggest and well-equipped production house based in Islamabad Pakistan, Saad has quickly earned a reputation amongst his competitors; his approach for quality-over-quantity has helped him establish a brand of classic imagery which preserves the unspoken hopes, the smile they forgot about and the look that you thought no one saw. After all these years, Saad has learned the premium art of capturing what makes your wedding, your love and who you are, special.  


"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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